Phase ONE : Gathering, Cleaning and Visually Representing Data

February 1st - March 15th 2019

To understand where the gaps exist, we have used this survey, online and in print, to gather information

Chaski Global, the Reverse exchange host will be using the data gathered to create communication literature to help project developers and implementers make decisions which align with closing gaps and reaching the people have the greatest need to be .

They will do this by taking the time to understand the problem fully, and be better equipped to create an effective strategy. Using data-centric storytelling, they take a “show me, don’t tell me” approach that creates intentional messaging and tactics derived from an informed strategy with targeted audiences.

Every detail becomes a proof point to the mission and the work we do. Their areas of expertise include: STRATEGY | MEDIA RELATIONS | EVENT MANAGEMENT | DATA ANALYSIS | SMART REPORTING | TECHNICAL TRAINING | BRANDING AND DESIGN | MULTIMEDIA

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Phase TWO :
VOLUNTEER Training, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and Website Development and
CALL for Submissions by Youth for Artistic Pieces Using Data Acquired

March 2nd - April 30th 2019

We have had an amazing response from our social media call for volunteers. As we orient them and train them to use the SITES platform to make a difference in communities, we hope to fuel their passion for Guyana's digital and technology potential.

Once trained we will be in five communities building the content for websites. These include, the history of the community, a directory of businesses, needs of the community and outstanding contributions by members of the community.

We will also be collecting data to show the demographics of the community.

There will also be a nationwide call for submissions with part of the data revealed as the basis, for young people to submit creative pieces on how we can use technology, through girls, to bring positive change to Guyana!

The website design and development will then be led by the Sites Builders team. SITES Builders gives the power to learn an innovative skill, with tools to manage and create an online digital space for products, passion and services to reach the world

Sites aims is to revolutionize Guyana’s digital space. They provide tools and easy access and sharing of information regarding business type or communities, telling their brand story across digital platforms. They create networks, clusters and connections between business and communities to engage with the diaspora and organizations We create market places for trade. Fostering avenues for seeking assistance and funding for community projects by highlighting causes. They build community pride, and knowledge, by engaging youth to write articles on various topics affecting their community.

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Phase THREE : Program execution

May 6th - May 15th 2019

We are so excited to welcome Valeria to Guyana for this program and to experience Guyana's culture. Valeria is a strategic communications professional with extensive experience in stakeholder mapping projects for clients such as the Millennium Challenge Project where she was responsible for creating the agency’s results portfolio, and served as the counterpart to communications experts in 23 countries, overseeing budgets over $10 million and executing national communications campaigns.

She has more than a decade of experience developing and implementing communications and advocacy strategies across the United States, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Valeria is also the co-founder and principal for Chaski Global, a boutique communications firm that weaves together international public policy, data and anecdotes into effective communications tools. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Federal Executive Institute.

She has provided executive counsel to leaders in government, NGOs and corporations delivered consulting services for IBM, Citibank, the World Bank and several NGOs. She earned a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s of Arts from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

She is the President and founder of the Kappa Charlottesville Alumnae Association and volunteers with Big Brother Big Sister. Valeria is conversational in French and Portuguese, and speaks both Spanish and English at native-level fluency. She was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia, and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband.

The events will be a mix of community engagements, workshops and the climax! A gala event to showcase and celebrate this project initiative. The data illustrations will be reveled, and distributed. There will also be a youth showcase, where the winners of the artistic competition will have a chance to express themselves!

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Phase four : sustaining the project

50 Community Websites and 3 Comprehensive Programs
by December 2020

We hope to expand the project across Guyana. Using the data captured and illustrated, we will continue to partner with agencies, governments and other institutions who understand the need to equip our generation with digital and technological skills. We believe that women and girls especially, have the amazing potential to create ripple effects and care about the people they interact with, wanting for them a better future as they do for themselves. They have the avenue as care givers to shape the future generations, and should be empowered to do so with the ease of access to resources to make this happen.

At Gurchuran investments we approach every project with no end in sight. Our model for business is the development of the next generation to continue what we have started. We achieve this goal by building a social mission into each one of our companies and developing teams that work to ensure there is growth and sustainability through the people we employ and the communities we serve. Our mission: To be good corporate citizens with a passion for development in guyana and making an impact in the lives of those we serve. Our vision: To bring a standard of excellence to the industries we serve with models that promote sustainability and strong relationships in every aspect of our businesses

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